Group 73@2x

since 1892

Group 73@2x

A love for fabrics since over 120 years

The necktie,a small piece of fabric which might be seen as just an accessory, enhances the personality of whom wears it.
For men a style signature might just be his necktie : so when creating this piece out of a few square inches of material you need both a sharp sense of detail and a great discipline for quality.
These are the values Maison Breuer has carried through, along with its know-how, to its new men’s clothing line. Maison Breuer is guided only by three main drivers : top quality materials, a finesse in the details and the utmost care of the fit.
Maison Breuer only concerns are a simple,accurate and timeless but modern garments.

Firmly attached to its roots Maison Breuer is designed for men looking for the expression of these values. The offer is global and beyond all cultural barriers.
Maison Breuer present in Europe, the United States, South Korea or Japan… has developed a common language for a wordly gentleman confident about his own style.
An international clientele is a proof of an unconditional recognition and the foundation of a long-lasting brand.

A selection of top quality materials, the accuracy of the fit combining comfort, elegance and style.

An outlook on the World

Vienna,Brussels and the French Riviera : Maison Breuer is on the move since 1892.

We have learned from our multiculturalism which gives us a very knowledgeable view of world and a capacity to understand mankind regardless of its culture or origin ? This is why the brand has an international presence.

1892 : Birth of the family story

At the end of the 19th century Vienna is the European capital of fashion.
Marcus Breuer earns his living by selling « regattas », a kind of necktie made out of a crossed,unknotted strip of fabric. His son Julius will join the business in the early 1900’s.

1930 :Distribution to international markets

Eric Breuer, Julius’son, joins the family company.He brings his sense of creativity as well as his international vision by fostering export business all over Europe and to the Middle-East countries.

1938 : Moving to Belgium

The dramatic political events about to unleash in Europe will force the company to close down.Eric Breuer opens a new tie factory in Belgium.

1951 : Move to the French Riviera

Eric Breuer leaves Belgium and settles down in Nice. Inspired by the French Riviera atmosphere his creations become famous in France and abroad.

1957 : Industry accolade and recognition from a French luxury brand

Thanks to the high quality of his production Eric Breuer succeeds in gaining the confidence of one of the best French Couture houses to create and distribute their tie collections under a global licence agreement.

A requirement for quality

The modern gentleman is a frequent flyer who does not compromise with comfort and elegance while traveling.

1974 :A fresh impulse

Alain et Walter Breuer join their father Eric into the family business.Their energy gives it a new outlook for the development of the company.

1980 : On the way to the Far East

Strong with the presence of the new Breuer generation business in Asia takes off mainly in Japan and Hong Kong.
The premium accessories are appreciated on the international market-places.

1992 : A century of know-how

To celebrate the first century of the company the French sculptor César will achieve a « compression » with Breuer neckties.
The business is booming and the decision is made to launch our own brand-name.

2000 : A full clothing line

Maison Breuer keeps developing and opens two shops in Paris, Rue de la Paix and in the Saint Germain district, offering its own vision of men’s clothing.

2008 : The Beijing Olympic Games

Maison Breuer is in charge of dressing the French delegation for the Beijing Olympic Games, a worlwide showcase.

2015 : Launch of the brand in South Korea

The quality and style of Breuer products meets are in growing demand with the Korean clientele . A distribution agreement is signed with a well respected local distributor which enables the brand to open three shops in Seoul.

2016 : A new store in Paris

Moving closest to its peers Maison Breuer settles down in the Saint Honoré district, in the heart of the luxury area.

2019 : Maison Breuer today

Maison Breuer is growing with stores in Paris and South Korea